Pierce-Hart Celtic Trio
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Pierce-Hart Celtic Trio is Susan & Ellis Pierce, and Tim Hart. We play traditional Celtic (and sometimes Jazz) tunes incorporating flute, whistles, guitars, and vocal harmonies. We love engaging our audience through laughter, song, and celebration. We invite the children to play along with us on drums and other rhythmic instruments.

Pierce Hart Celtic played weekly at Sean Cummings Irish Pub in Oklahoma City for 3 years, and continues to play the OKC metro with ArtMoves (Robinson Renaissance, Chase Bank, Leadership Square, Devon Tower, Metro Library), as well as weddings and other celebrations.  

Pierce-Hart  carries the listener to exciting new places, creating unique and heartfelt expressions, blending musical forms and styles.  Susan is a mom, a teacher, and an accomplished musician in multiple genres. She holds a Masters degree in music. Tim, a guitarist for 30 years, has traveled the world in the USAF, and now serves as a consultant with the University of Oklahoma. 

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            Xiaofeng and Sarwan wrote: 

"This Celtic music just made my backyard wedding quite different-- flexible, romantic and beautiful- it is just like the breeze flowing over new green leaves and flowers in a bright spring afternoon. It became the wedding colorful!  We were so lucky that I found this band and get Susan, Tim and Ellis to our wedding.  Thank you Susan, Tim, and Ellis very much!"  4/2016, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

                Chris and Tina wrote: 

"Pierce Hart Celtic trio took on my wedding with only 2 weeks notice. They made a super effort to practice with another musician who is a family friend. I really appreciate their flexibility and skill to blend on such short notice!"  11/12/2016, Edmond, Oklahoma
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Who are we?

Pierce Hart Celtic trio is:
Susan - "I'm a mother of 4, an aspiring legal assistant, and I love music! I play flute, whistles, and Celtic drum - called a Bohdran. I sing and play Irish and jazz music styles. I enjoy exercising, yoga, and Pilates". 

Ellis - I'll be a full-time Journalism student at University of Oklahoma in the Fall of 2017. I play classical and Celtic music styles on violin, and I love college basketball!"

Tim - "I'm a husband, father of two daughters, and a retired USAF officer. I work with the National Weather Center for the University of Oklahoma, managing US radar data distribution. I play classical, jazz, and Irish music styles on acoustic and electric guitar, octave mandolin, and electronic bagpipes. I love fishing, and wildlife". 

What is Celtic music? 

Celtic music is a broad grouping of music genres that evolved out of the folk music traditions of the Celtic people of Western Europe. This includes storytelling, and recorded music, encompassing traditional, modern, and everything in between. 

Why Pierce Hart Celtic for my wedding?

Celtic music is very rich melodically, rhythmically, vocally, and historically. It transcends age as a genre, meaning young and old find this music beautiful and compelling. We've seen the way people respond to our Celtic music as they're being seated for the wedding, as we sing and play a beautiful waltz during the wedding, or play our modern instrumental Celtic tunes at the rehearsal and reception.  
Maybe you've heard or seen Riverdance, or Celtic Woman. There's an excitement and passion that Celtic rhythms stir in your heart. We select the most beautiful songs for your wedding, and we're happy to learn/play any special songs of your choosing. Take a few minutes to listen to Pierce Hart Celtic, and you'll know how unique and beautiful your wedding music can be!

Want to hear us live?  
We try to publish all our performances online here, or you can just text Tim and request our next scheduled performance, 
405 413-3996.  

Check our performance schedule: 

Sierra wrote:
"Pierce-Hart music was absolutely wonderful! They were super easy to work with and listened and worked in everything I wanted and more! I felt like I was floating down the isle to the man of my dreams as they played wonderfully. I had a lot of guests come up to me and say how much they loved the music. I also had a bridesmaid say it made everything seem like it was enchanted and felt like it was a fairytale...and that is EXACTLY what I wanted for my big day! I would definitely recommend these two to anyone!"   1/3/2015,  Norman, OK